Please contact me with any project proposals, or consider these services.

Book cover graphic design for award winning thesis short.

Web Design & Hosting

Having a website doesn’t have to be so gol-darn complicated. I will gladly show you how easy and affordable having an online presence can be; not only registering and hosting your domain, but also offering the advice, instruction and tool set to get you off and running with a functional, fun and user-friendly website under your own management and control.

Graphic Design

Any combination of digital or analog design, based on your needs; album art, book covers, graphics, logos, etc.

Audio Media Transfers

Conversion of audio media from one format to another (usually analog to digital); Tapes, Reel-to-Reel, 8-track, Records (LP, 45rpm, 78rpm), to CD, DVD or direct to digital storage.

Photo Archival & Presentation

Digital preservation &/or touch-up of your photos or film, presented on CD, DVD, or direct to digital storage.

Video Editing / Production

Professional editing of your footage for use as finished film, presented on a mastered DVD.

Documentary Film

This is mostly a personal avenue, but the right project proposal would definitely be considered.

DVD Mastering

A professional DVD created from your footage or slide-show, complete with fully navigable menu.